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Lorén Navidad Ibach (b. 1995) has an interdisciplinary art practice in video, fashion design, and textile making processes. Her videos fabricate a world of ritual and escapism driven by a yearning for a utopia due to a sense of displacement experienced by a diaspora. Ibach’s sculptural garments accompany the artificial futuristic worlds fabricated in her videos to reimagine new identities.

Ibach also designs custom hand-woven textiles and is currently interested in the radical reclamation of discarded fiber materials. In fall 2017, she lived in Cebu, Philippines to research and be exposed to current methods of garment and textile manufacturing in the fashion industry. She intends to continue this research in the near future.

Born and raised in San Bernardino, California and a descendant of the Filipinx diaspora community. She is a part of the Co-Curation Team for the Philippines Collection at the Field Museum of Natural History. She is also a part of an artist collective called Export Quality; established in 2016 in Chicago. Ibach currently resides in Southern California.

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